Code of Conduct

This Code of Values & Standard of Conduct is in addition to existing approved ‘Service Terms & Conditions’ of all companies under BANGLAMARK  (Hereinafter referred to as BANGLAMARK AGRO). It is mandatory for all employees to read and meticulously comply with the contents of this manual.

BANGLAMARK AGRO does its business based on the utmost integrity and mutual trust. In order to maintain and safeguard trust and confidence among all the employees, BANGLAMARK AGRO places paramount importance on the maintenance of certain standards of conduct. BANGLAMARK AGRO standards of conduct are principally made up of certain rules, regulations, and ethical principles. It is essential that all employees familiarize themselves with the contents of this manual and observe BANGLAMARK AGRO standards of conduct. This is in addition to other specific rules and regulations that may apply at the place of work as per regulatory requirements and will be brought to employee’s attention from time to time, during their employment.

This Code aims to assist employees to perform effectively by ensuring the rules and standards of the organization are communicated. The various sections of this Code summarizes the key policies and procedures in respect of behavior and the way you are required to work.

Due to the need for integrity and trust in our business and the rapidly developing nature of the business, it is not possible to set out standards of conduct in every situation. Therefore all employees should seek guidance from their reporting concern and the competent authority of the organization if they are in any doubt about the correct action to take in any situation.

A failure to abide by the standards of conduct may lead to appropriate disciplinary action as per the service rule of all companies under BANGLAMARK AGRO

Download:BANGLAMARK AGRO Code of Conduct

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