Agriculture is one of the largest producing sectors of Bangladesh.To increase food production and food sufficiency, Bangladesh requires sustainable growth in agricultural sector. Fertilizer is considered to be one of the main inputs for increasing crop yields.

We Banglamark, understand that a bountiful harvest starts with the best nutrients. Our range of premium fertilizers ensure your crops get the optimal nourishment they need to thrive. Our fertilizers are rich in essential nutrients that promote robust plant growth.Also Trusted by farmers across the region, our fertilizers have a track record of success.

Grow Strong, Grow Healthy with Banglamark Fertilizers! 

Iffco nano Dap

IFFCO Nano DAP is an efficient source of available nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P2O5) for all the crops and helps in correcting the Nitrogen & Phosphorus deficiencies in standing crops.

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Sagarika - Seaweed Extract Concentrate (28% w/w) is an organic bio-stimulant manufactured through globally patented process technology from red & brown marine algae. 
It is formulated with a balanced mix of macro and micronutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and trace elements. This ensures that plants receive all the essential nutrients required for healthy growth and development.

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Gypsum fertilizer is a mineral-based soil amendment that is commonly used in agriculture to improve soil quality and crop yield. Gypsum, or calcium sulfate dihydrate , is composed of calcium and sulfur, two essential nutrients for plant growth.

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Iffco Nano Urea

IFFCO Nano Urea is a highly efficient, eco-friendly liquid fertilizer developed using advanced nanotechnology. Unlike conventional urea, which is applied in granular form, nano urea is applied as a foliar spray. This innovative formulation ensures that plants receive a more efficient and targeted supply of nitrogen, which is essential for their growth and development.

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Iffco Nano Urea

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